FKA Twigs – Lights On (2,822 plays)


FKA Twigs - “Lights On”

FKA Twigs – Water Me (98 plays)

he told me I was so small / I told him, “water me…”

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The Neptunes/Pharell ft Jay-z – Frontin (9,277 plays)

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Rufus – Sweet Thing (8,711 plays)


Sweet Thing – by Rufus feat. Chaka Khan (1975)

Sweet thing

Don’t you know you’re my everything?

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Chance The Rapper – Lost Ft. Noname Gypsy (21,637 plays)



Let’s get lost


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concrete connie

G-Unit – Wanna Get To Know You (43,791 plays)


I wanna get to know you, baby
One dose of my lovin
I know it gon’ drive you, crazy

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Sampha – Without (4,345 plays)

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I have never been more excited that a year was coming to a close. This one was awful. I just pray that 2014 is better, because it really can’t get much worse than this. 

It wasn’t all bad. I’m *this close* to being a college graduate. I got to see Queen Beyonce. Our family grew. I’m still alive. I did a lot of cool shit. My friends are amazing. I’m much more focused on my own purpose in life, and what I need to do to accomplish it. 

Over this post. Listen to Beyonce, drink wine, and enjoy the new year.


Beyoncé, a.k.a. goddess among mortals slash queen of everything, dropped a surprise album this morning  and guess what? She sampled a TEDx Talk! One of our favorites, actually. It’s a killer talk by author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about gender and femaleness and why we should all be feminists. You can hear the excerpt above in the second verse of ”***Flawless,” bookended by Beyoncé reminding you that she can own it. TEDxEuston, FTW.

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Watch Adichie’s talk here »

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OverDoz – Desto's Don't Stress Hoes [Prod. By THC] (150 plays)


overdoz - desto’s dont stress hoes

this tape has been talking to me

Rudimental – Hide (ft. Sinead Harnett) (9 plays)


And to tell you the truth, you should cut me loose

Dom Kennedy – South Central Love (713 plays)


South Central Love x Dom Kennedy 

"I always promised I would give her everything I got"

Drake – Connect (715 plays)


Drake | Connect

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